Enjoy your tea hot or cold, it's your world
Our tinctures are made with organic vegetable glycerin, safe for the children too!
These are three of our free-ranging hens

Chumley’s Teas

We are passionate about tea! The perfect brew is waiting for you, whether you want to relax and unwind or go hiking in the alps, our teas will satiate your need.  Prices start at ten dollars and fifty cent for ten generously portioned delicious teas.  Loose Leaf Tea also available if you prefer to portion your own.

Tinctures (Coming Soon)

What’s in your medicine cabinet?  These homemade elixirs of potent herbs are sure to give you a boost on the way to wellness.  Call us old-fashioned, but we believe nature’s way is best!

 Farm Fresh (Coming Soon)

Soon we will have access to farm fresh, free- range eggs and other delightful delicacies.  From the farm to the table, enjoy!  (Local orders only!)

Let’s chat about how we can help you find what you need.  Stay connected with us to see the latest products and services available.  Hope to hear from you soon!

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